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Due to GM Tools unflinching concern for quality, we enjoy the patronage of a long list of extremely satisfied clientele which includes almost every major automobile, machine tools, defence and engineering company in the country. A wide range of products we manufacture are listed below,or a more specific product try the menu on the left or send us an enquiry.

Reamer/Shell Reamer Interlocked Milling cutters
Hole mills Broaches (Up to 400mm. C.E.L.)
Spot face cutters Machine relieved Hobs
Countersinks Code drills, Shell Core drills
End mills/Shell End mills Sub land drills
Slot drills Combination drill Reamers
Woodruff cutters Die Sinking Cutters
Slot cutters Taps
Side & Face cutters Solid Carbide Tools
Roughing End mills & Shell End mills Services Offered
Form relieved ground/machined cutters Heat Treatment of High Speed Steel
Milling Cutters, Reamers & Flat Tools to Drg  


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